Keeping your Facebook conversations private


Protect your conversations

Seamlessly encrypt your online conversations so your messages stay yours.

(Access to private beta is by invitation only. Requests accepted until August 31st 2016)

How it works

Cyphor is a service that encrypts your messages and chats on any platform, in real time.

Cyphor makes those messages private. We add an invisible layer of encryption to your messages, so it’s impossible for outsiders to read them.

Once the conversations are encrypted, even WE can't read them, and we'd like to keep it that way. Because your conversations are yours, and no one else’s.

Mouse over the encrypted message to see Cyphor in Action!

-- -- MTQ2Nzg5ODkxMDQwMjk4Mzc= -- U2FsdGVkX1/g/vddVIlHw770CnUXwutFqY8A22dYjJs= -- -- Your protected message

Cyphor is platform independent, meaning it works for all web apps and chat services. We’re not just an app: we’re a full end-to-end encryption service.


You can soon download Cyphor for free on the Google Play Store!

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